Hope says she doesn’t have a good relationship with her mother, Donna, and wishes that Donna would stop judging her for her drinking, marijuana use, and the people she chooses to spend time with.

“My mom tells me that because I have a son, I need to stop drinking and be a better mom. It’s infuriating,” says Hope.

Donna says she knows that Hope is resentful and doesn’t like that her son was placed in Donna’s care. “I think that she feels threatened that her child will love me more than her,” she says.

Hope says, “I know that it’s a good thing that my son isn’t in foster care, but it’s a really hard thing for me that he is with my mother.”

Hope says she wants her son back and believes that she is ready and able to raise the child on her own. When Hope insists, “I wouldn’t be drinking if I had him. I don’t have him, so I am drinking, and I’m making choices I know I shouldn’t,” how does Dr. Phil respond?

And later, Dr. Phil introduces Hope to life development coach and Founder and CEO of CAST Centers, Mike Bayer. When Coach Mike tells Hope that he’s willing to help her if she’s ready to do the work, what is her reply?

This episode, “Good Children, Bad Choices!” airs Friday. Check your llocal listing to find out where to watch.

Mike Bayer is a life development coach and Founder and CEO of CAST Centers. His latest book, “One Decision: The First Step to a Better Life,” is available everywhere books are sold. Check here to find out how you can order.

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