Zachary’s mother, Christal, says she’s very concerned about what she claims is his erratic behavior. She says Zachary came to her two years ago accusing his wife, Samantha, of cheating on him with hundreds and that he later accused Christal of recruiting Samantha into a motorcycle gang and having sex with its members. Zachary has also accused Samantha of profiting off their infant son, who is in the NICU, by allowing him to have unnecessary medical procedures.

Christal says she’s tried to talk to Zachary about his beliefs and the accusations he’s made against Samantha – and herself – but Zachary refuses to listen to her.

“I believe that I have to protect my grandchildren. I believe that I have to support Samantha through this and protect them over Zachary,” says Christal, with whom the couple lives. Christal says that Zachary will have to leave the house if he doesn’t agree to get help.

How does Zachary explain why he believes the things he does? Watch Friday’s episode, ‘“My Husband Accuses Me of Cheating with Over 170 People,”’ to find out.

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