Zachary says he believes that his wife of nine years, Samantha, has been cheating on him. He claims she’s been with over 170 people, including co-workers, family members, and people she’s met on dating apps. “I quit my job because I believe she was having affairs with people that I worked with,” he says. “It makes me angry [and] a little bit embarrassed.”

Samantha, who has three children with Zachary, adamantly denies his accusations, including the allegation that she’s had sex with three U.S. Presidents, which Zachary says he doesn’t want to talk about. Samantha says Zachary is her one and only love, but the things he’s accused her of make her “sick and really sad.”

When Dr. Phil asks Zachary why he thinks Samantha has been cheating, what is Zachary’s response?

And later, Dr. Phil introduces Zachary to Dr. Charles Sophy, a psychiatrist and retired Medical Director for the County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services. Watch Friday’s episode, , ‘“My Husband Accuses Me of Cheating with Over 170 People,”’ to hear what he says Samantha should do to protect herself and their children if Zachary refuses to get help.

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