Danielle claims her boyfriend, Ryan, is controlling, manipulative, and Narcissistic. After two years of dating, she says she’s thinking about leaving him if he doesn’t change. Ryan says “If Danielle can’t accept who I am, then she needs to move on.” Learn more about their relationship here.

Meanwhile, the couple is expecting a baby, and say they don’t currently have a plan in place to make sure Danielle and the child are provided for, regardless of whether she and Ryan stay together.

In the video above, Estate Management Attorney Ann Margaret Carrozza offers information to the unmarried couple about creating a cohabitation agreement. “This would ensure that in the event of a breakup, neither party is financially devastated.” And if the couple doesn’t breakup, but Ryan should die, “You need to have protections in place so that you and the baby would inherit the house, because without a marriage, it would go to his other relatives.”

Danielle says she doesn’t think Ryan would leave her his house, but he says “I’d rather put it on paper than have you left out, without anything.”

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