Brandi, Wendi, Laci, and Tahni say their mom, Lisa, is selfish, vain, and was difficult to grow up with. They say she chose men over raising them and would often leave them to fend for themselves. Tahni and Laci claim Lisa sent them to visit their father and didn’t see or speak to them for three years.
Now, as adults, the sisters say their relationship with Lisa is still strained and that she calls them “monsters.” Do they want to mend their relationships with Lisa? Hear what they say they want from their mother in the video above. And, see Lisa’s response.
Lisa says she’s apologized to her daughters numerous times. Is she willing to work to re-establish relationships with them? Find out on Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "'Our Narcissistic, Tone-Deaf Mother Needs a Wake-Up Call.'" Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: Mom Admits She’s Called Her Daughters ‘Monsters’ But Says She’s Apologized Many Times

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