“My daughters are monsters. They treat me like I’m stupid. My daughters pick on me,” claims Lisa. “My daughters all have just a little bit of whatever it is that I don’t like about me.”
Lisa admits that she wasn’t the best mother when her four daughters were growing up. “I chose partying over being a mom lots of times,” she says. “I just wasn’t emotionally and mentally invested the way I should have been.”

Lisa says she’s apologized to her daughters numerous times – and claims they are the ones who are keeping the drama alive. Lisa admits she’s called her daughters names, but explained that she was being silly and that her daughters knew she didn’t mean it. Does she want to fix her relationship with them? See what she says in the video above.
What do the sisters, who claim their mother is a “textbook narcissist,” say they want from her? Find out on Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "'Our Narcissistic, Tone-Deaf Mother Needs a Wake-Up Call.'" Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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