Hope says she can’t stand being around her mother, Donna, because she’s a “vile person” who shames and blames her for her party lifestyle.

“It feels like nothing I ever do is the right thing in her eyes,” says the 20-year-old, adding, “I can make my own decisions. I don’t need someone constantly hovering over me.”

Hope says her mom needs to butt out and stop telling her how to live.

Donna, who is currently raising Hope’s 18-month-old son, claims that her daughter is mean and argumentative. She says it breaks her heart that Hope is choosing alcohol, drugs, and men over her own child.

And later, Hope says that while she is grateful that Donna is taking care of her child, she wants her baby back. What does she say she is willing to do to make that happen? Watch Friday’s episode, “Good Children, Bad Choices!” to find out!

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