Lisa says her four beautiful adult daughters, Brandi, Wendi, Laci and Tahni, are "monsters" who pick on her, treat her like she’s dumb, and resent her for their childhood neglect – even though she says she’s apologized many times. She says their constant drama is tearing apart their family.
The sisters claim their mother is a “textbook narcissist” who calls them names, rarely showed them affection, chose men and partying over them when they were growing up, and often left them to fend for themselves.

Dr. Phil offers advice to Lisa and her daughters.
“The only time is now. The past is over. Not even God can change what has happened,” Dr. Phil says to Lisa.
To the sisters, he says, “She wrote in, and she didn’t have to do that … You’ve got to give her credit for being here.”
Here more from Dr. Phil in the video above, including how Lisa can begin to change her behavior to change her relationships.
This episode, "'Our Narcissistic, Tone-Deaf Mother Needs a Wake-Up Call'," airs Tuesday. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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