Tyler says that in May 2020, she lost control of her car and hit a tree. There were no other vehicles involved. At first, she says she was relieved when the police arrived because she believed they would help. Instead, she was handcuffed, tased, and thrown in jail. “I was scared. The officers became aggressive with me,” claims Tyler, adding, “I was a victim of police brutality.”

Tyler’s mother, Talisha, says Tyler was so traumatized by the incident that she now lives in fear and barely leaves the house.

“Because my child is Black and looks the way she looks, and dresses the way she dressed, she got treated the way she did that night,” claims Talisha.

Watch the video above to see the police bodycam footage Talisha posted to social media, then tune in to Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, ‘“Traumatized By My Police Incident,’” to hear more about Tyler’s story.

And later, Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Taylor weighs in.

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