When it comes to marriage, what qualifies as a deal-breaker? When is it right to say, "I don't," instead of "I do"? Meet couples at a crossroads in their relationship and on the verge of ending everything.



Honeymoon Heartbreak

Shane and Nikki have been married four months, but Shane's not sure he made the right decision. He's giving their marriage six to 12 months, and if it doesn't work out, he's gone. Nikki says she refuses to stay in a marriage on a trial basis.


Should Nikki wait for Shane to make up his mind?



Fearing a Relapse

Daniel and Debra are engaged, have the wedding date set and have paid $10,000 in deposits. But, Daniel says that if Debra, who weighs 100 pounds, doesn't stop asking him, "Do I look fat?" he's calling off the wedding.


Is Daniel just being insensitive, or is he right to put his foot down?