Sarah, 36, received a $5.1 million medical settlement at age 4 after her head was damaged by forceps during birth. This money was held for Sarah in a trust, but instead of receiving it at 18 or a designated age, she claims family members tried to control her money. Today, Sarah’s money is held in a conservatorship, which she regrets agreeing to, and her husband, Robert, says it’s controlling every step of their daily lives. Sarah meets with Dr. Charles Sophy, child and family psychiatrist, for an evaluation and to get his opinion as to whether she can independently handle her finances. Later, hear from Mark, who met Dr. Phil with his wife, Lori, who suffers from dementia and gave scammers half a million dollars without his knowledge. Mark wonders whether he should put a conservatorship in place for Lori. Dr. Phil is joined by eldercare and estate planning attorney Ann-Margaret Carrozza to consider Sarah and Mark’s cases.

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