Dr. Phil checks in with past guests to see if they've regained control over their poorly disciplined children. Plus, a technique to stop a temper tantrum in seconds.

Dethroning the Drama Queen
Six-year-old Janel was a drama queen who ruled the house. Her behavior improved, but now Janel is showing a new side.


Janel the drama queen.


How is Janel behaving now?



Winning the Power Struggle
Lisa learned to be consistent with her discipline for her 4-year-old son Caleb, and to stop feeling guilty. There's been a lot of progress at home, but why is he now acting out in public? 
See Lisa's first appearance.

Another parenting lesson.



Temper Tantrums
Teri's 3-year-old son has as many as three tantrums a day and they are wearing her out. She wants to know a better way to deal with them. 


Dr. Harvey Karp shows Teri a new technique.



New Bond
Steve's relationship with his step-daughter was causing problems in his marriage. Dr. Phil made him re-examine the profound impact he has in her life.  

See what Dr. Phil told Steve.

How are they doing now?



Back in Charge
Kristi and Ward were frustrated with their misbehaving triplets and needed to know how to regain control of the household. 
What were they doing wrong?


See their update.


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