Dr. Phil blows the whistle on what many parents are doing wrong. Find out if you're guilty of making the same mistakes.

"We're Slaves to Our Kids!"
Lori and Brandon's two sons, ages 3 and 6,refuse to clean up their room. They say they've tried reasoning, punishment and rewards, but nothing seems to work. Lori always ends up cleaning her children's room herself and doesn't understand why her attempts at discipline are failing.

"Time-Outs Don't Work."
Jami and Lew say that when their daughters don't listen to them, they send them to their room for a time-out. They're disheartened because the tool isn't working. "Every evening it seems like we're starting at ground zero again," says Lew. Dr. Phil asks the couple, "Is it possible the tool is OK but the application is faulty?"


Yell First, Feel Guilty Later
James and Sarah say they're frustrated because they yell and scream at their children all day long and then feel guilty about how it's affecting them. "I want to find a better way to discipline them," says Sarah. "How do I discipline my kids without all the screaming?"

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