Monday August 15, 2022


“Traumatized By My Police Incident”

Tyler says she needs Dr. Phil’s guidance on getting her life back to what it was before her traumatic police incident. She says in May 2020, she lost control of her car and hit a tree. Tyler says when the police showed up, she was unable to process the accident, and instead of the police helping her, she was arrested, tased, and thrown into jail. Tyler’s mother, Talisha, says she posted the police camera footage on social media and her videos went viral. Talisha claims Tyler suffers from mental illness due to this incident and lives with her because she lives in fear and can’t leave the house. Attorney Benjamin Taylor weighs in to analyze this case.

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Tuesday August 16, 2022


“The Happy Hoarder”

Despite having 3,000 bottles of shampoo, 30,000 shirts, 5,000 cookbooks, and boxes on top of boxes of things, Kristen says she doesn’t think she is a hoarder. But Kristen claims her “collection of things” has created a problem. She just bought a new house and after already moving in 600 boxes, she says she's completely running out of room, and there is a whole lot more to pack. From buying unclaimed storage containers to dumpster diving, Kristen says she cannot give up an opportunity to collect something that’s a good deal. But is there more to Kristen’s collecting than meets the eye? Find out the shocking reason Kristen says it is hard for her to part with her belongings. Plus, meet Kristen’s friends who say they are concerned that her “hoarding” is keeping their friend isolated.

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Wednesday August 17, 2022


“Mentally Ill or Just Awful? What’s Wrong with Josh?”

Danielle says her marriage to her husband, Josh, is “totally toxic.” She claims not only has he repeatedly cheated on her, but he’s also physically abusive and has shoved a bleach-soaked rag down her throat and choked her to the point where she thought she was going to die. Danielle, who is 13-weeks pregnant, says this has all occurred in front of their two young children. Josh claims Danielle blames him for everything wrong in their marriage, and it's “unfair.” Josh also claims he’s bipolar, which is what causes him to become physical with Danielle and to cheat on her. But Danielle says Josh is using his bipolar disorder to excuse all his bad behavior. Can Dr. Phil help save this marriage on the brink? Find out!

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Thursday August 18, 2022


“Frozen by Fear”

Two young women say they are suffering from phobias they claim have completely taken over their lives. First, Bethany says she is absolutely terrified of all pregnant women! She says she can’t even look at a pregnant woman without having a full-blown panic attack. She says her ultimate fear is getting pregnant herself and takes extreme precautions to avoid what she calls an “unfathomable” scenario. Then, Victoria says she can’t travel or go to a party, and refuses to eat at restaurants because she’s terrified of eating or touching gluten! Victoria says she gets violently ill whenever she eats gluten and takes every precaution to avoid it, including refusing to kiss her boyfriend if she suspects he’s eaten bread or pasta. Can Dr. Phil help these two young women frozen by their fears? Find out!

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Friday August 19, 2022


“Trapped in My Broken Relationship”

Justin says his relationship with his fiancé of 11 years, Elizabeth, is “broken and unfixable.” He claims that not only is she a bad parent, but a bad person! Justin says that every day, they have loud and violent fights that have resulted in the police being called to their home 19 times in the past two years. Elizabeth claims Justin is verbally abusive, controlling, demeaning, and refuses to get over her past infidelity. She even had Justin arrested for domestic violence after he threw a saltshaker at the back of her head! Can Dr. Phil help fix this broken, toxic relationship? Find out!

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