Raising children isn't easy, and getting straight answers to tough parenting questions can be just as hard! From online bullying and homework issues to bedwetting and bath time, Dr. Phil can help.
Online Bullying
Sixteen-year-old Kelsey is the victim of vicious gossip on the Internet. Her mom, Shari, says her daughter has been plagued by so much trash talk that she's worried about her physical safety. How can Shari put a stop to the high-tech bullying?

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Homework Helper
Velma spends hours helping her 11-year-old son with his homework, only for him to forget to turn it in the next day. What's a mother to do?
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Too Old to be Bedwetting?
Kemberly says that since her 8-year-old daughter has been out of diapers, she's still wetting the bed. Kemberly wants to know: How old is too old to still be bedwetting?



Inappropriate Behavior?
Ginger's 7-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter still bathe together. Have they reached an age where this is inappropriate? When is it time for the kids to have separate bath times?


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