If you think you're doing everything possible to raise your children to be well-mannered, obedient angels, and they still wind up to be back-talking, rebellious hellions, don't give up! Dr. Phil has advice.

Texas Triplets
Ward and Kristi say parenthood was rather uneventful with their first two children. Then, they had triplets and all hell broke loose. These boys beat up one another, urinate on each other and paint the family cars.


 How can they regain control of their triplets?

Controlling Carissa
Monica and Frank are at a loss as to what they're doing wrong raising their 9-year-old daughter, Carissa. She's unruly and argumentative, kicks her dad in the groin and laughs about it. She even hurts the family dog!

 How to develop a child's sense of empathy.

Blended Family
Sharon says her fiancé Chris' 5-year-old son is a nightmare, while Chris says Sharon's 4-year-old son is too sensitive. Is this an example of lazy parenting, or are these parents playing favorites?

See Dr. Phil's advice for the couple.