Dr. Phil helps parents correct some of the most common parenting mistakes.

A Headstrong 4-Year-Old
Rebecca says that her beautiful daughter is so disobedient, she often can't stand her own child. Now her feelings have created guilt. "Help! I've tried everything," pleads Rebecca.


See how Rebecca's guilt adds to the problem.

 See their update and Rebecca's new question.


Temper Tantrums
Kaia can't understand why her daughter only throws tantrums around her. Kaia's mother thinks it's because Kaia is overindulgent. Dr. Phil agrees, adding that "consistency in discipline" is vital. 

Five Steps to Disciplining Your Child



"The Military Dictator"
Tony, a former military man, wants his 12-year-old stepson to obey his strict daily task list, or else. Dr. Phil helps Tony realize he's recreating the same distant relationship he had with his own strict father.


Dr. Phil asks Tony to do a Relationship Autopsy to look at his troubled relationship with his father. 


Cross-Dressing Toddlers
Jessica and Thomas are twins who like to wear each other's clothes " which worries their mother. "Get over it!" says Dr. Phil. "This isn't a sex role identification thing, a gender issue, or a gay issue."